Vitae Essentia is a Natural Health Clinic that is based in the Lower Kaimai area of Tauranga, within the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Vitae Essentia’s focuses on treating, teaching and supporting people with the healing process. Support will be provided for generic conditions with a specialised focus on mental health and spiritual aspects of being. One of the roles is supporting people with changes in their nutrition and lifestyle changes. Vitae Essentia’s goal is to show people a greater aspect of choices in help and support them on their way to a healthier life.

Mission Statement
Vitae Essentia is a natural health company that focuses on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental health, coupled with this will be an understanding of orthodox health practice and protocol. Vitae Essentia will specialise in treating people from the seed to the remedy, as part of the company’s work is growing and managing a food forest and herbal nursery. Recognition of the growing cost of supplements means that Vitae Essentia also focuses in growing and producing these supplements for use as remedies. A large focus will also be supporting people by utilising changes in nutrition and lifestyle in order to fit in with their budgets, again there is the recognition that natural health care is an arena that many have trouble accessing due to costs. Education will also be a prime focus, teaching on in a formal and informal setting, to increase people’s awareness, knowledge and understanding of how natural health and lifestyle choices can have significant positive changes on their health and well-being.

Vision Statement
Vitae Essentia aims to increase the amount of area that it grows nutritional and medicinal plants. A long term aspect will be to provide local clients, practitioners, and businesses products grown and made by the company. A busy clinic will operate from base and mobile facilities will also be present. The aim is to increase the educational facilities of the company, to reach a growing number of clients i.e. teaching at schools and groups of interest. Vitae Essentia aims to maintain an ethical and sustainable model throughout practice.